Exhibition in NYのお知らせ

3月27-29日にNYでの展示会のプロデュースをさせていただきます。 せっかく日本と海外を行ったり来たりしているのだから、私だからできることをやりたいと、 今年は、イベントプロデュース、商品開発、リサーチ、営業など、日本の企業さまのお手伝いを させていただいています。 10991090_786719111406759_360349969040855718_n ‘Power of Design – Antique Kimono meets Interior Decor’ We are going to hold a kimono exhibition on March 27-29 at Tea House, “Keisui-An” in New York. It will be an exhibition of antique kimonos selected carefully from a personal collection of valuable 1920-50 era Japanese items. How about incorporating splendid kimono designs which was all the rage among young women, or various bright-colored kimonos into your everyday life? We are going to suggest tapestries, table runners and cushions. Many items can be purchased. Date: March 27-29, 2015 Time: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Venue: Keisui-An Location:889 Broadway, (bet. 19th & 20th Street.), PHC Globus Chashitsu, New York, NY 10003 *Please ring bell “PHC Globus Chashitsu” upon arrival *Free admission inquiry: info@japaneseculturestyle.com Sponsored by Stephen Globus & Globus Washitsu Japanese Culture & Style Produced by Rinko Kimino



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